Collaboration & network

Here are some of WLH’s collaborations.

WLH has a continuous and close dialogue with the pre-schools and schools mainly through the federations; the waldorf school federation (Waldorfskolefederationen) and the pre-school federation (Riksföreningen waldorfförskolornas samråd).

WLH is responsible for a group of students completing their studies at the seminar in Gothenburg (Waldorfseminariet, Göteborg).

The educational programmes at WLH have to take into consideration not only national regulations and legislation, but also waldorf educational requirements and practices. It is of great importance for WLH to collaborate with other waldorf institutions. Some of these are Rudolf Steiner University College in Norway, Snellman college in Finland and Alanus University in Germany.

WLH is a member of NORENSE (Nordic Research Network in Steiner Education) and of ENASTE (European Network in Academic Steiner Teacher Education).

Gert Biesta, Caroline Bratt och Ruhi Tyson på ENASTE-konferens i Wien.

WLH’s subject teacher programme is accredited through Crossfields Institute in England.

WLH is a non-profit, value-based institution and as such a member of Idéburna Skolors Riksförbund.